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" I'd been trying to figure out on my own why I was feeling so lousy all the time. Low energy, not sleeping well, difficulty waking up in the AM, trouble losing weight, mood all over the place. I was finally understanding that these symptons regularly all the time didn't have to be the norm.

I was following Michelle on IG and decided to reach out for a consult. She was wonderful to work with right from the start. In the middle of us working together I had some personal things happen in my life and she was incredible throughout it all. No judgement, only there to be super supportive of my journey, We got my testing done in the beginning and I learned SO much! My primary care doc told me my labs were "normal" and that I was "fine" and to "just lose weight." I'm so glad I didn't settle with that.

With Michelle we were able to get to my root causes of why I was feeling so off. From there she gave me an overview of my test results and got me on a daily vitamin and supplement routine. Additionally, she really had me focus on the basics. Who would have thought the basics are as important but they totally are!

I'm on a regular sleep schedule, managing my stress as best I can, overall eating more nutritious foods, and while the weight loss is still a work in progress, I've lost INCHES and I feel 1000% better from when I first started working with Michelle. I am a morning person now! I actually function and can do things without being fatigued/exhausted all the time. Others have even noticed my changes too.

I'm really excited to continue to implement her recommendations and continue on this journey to overall better health! She's given me so much in terms of explaining my test results, new ideas for reducing stress, new foods, and in a totally judgement free zone! "

-Kristina, 30

"Around the Fall of 2020, I knew I wasn't feeling great. I've always struggled with my weight, but I was breaking out in hives, not sleeping well, regularly had headaches. I started working with Michelle and immediately noticed a difference, even before all my test results came back. I was less bloated, my headaches were going away, and my hives were significantly reduced. As a chronic dieter, I was nervous about about increasing my calorie intake, but Michelle was there every step of the way. Working with Michelle was more like working with a friend who had a ton of knowledge that helped me feel better. I hadn't realized how bad I was feeling, until I was no longer feeling so bad! I feel confident that I'll be able to continue a healthy lifestyle."

-Heather, 29

When I first reached out to Michelle I was at an all time low in my health. I had struggled with gut issues for most of my life, but at this point my issues had extended to several other areas of my health as well - I felt like I was PMSing almost the entire month every month, with horrible cramps, mood swings, and migraines, I was suffering from anxiety and low mood/potential bouts of depression, I couldn't sleep through the night, and I had no energy. I had been following Michelle for a while and knew it was time to get some support. It was simple to get started with Michelle and I completed all the testing from my home. From the extensive intake that Michelle did with me and the functional lab testing we completed, she created a protocol full of information specific to me that included nutrition recommendations, lifestyle recommendations, and a few supplements. I loved that so much of what she helped me with was lifestyle focused. Within one menstrual cycle I was already feeling SO much better. Me and my husband both noticed how much better my mood was and how rarely I was complaining about period pain or stomach pain. Over the 6 months I worked with Michelle, I got rid of nearly all my PMS symptoms, I started sleeping well through the night, my anxiety and depression went away, my energy began to come back and I was able to start working out again, and I incorporated SO MANY small lifestyle adjustments that have made all the difference in the world to how I experience life. Michelle was a friend through it all and really made me feel heard. I would recommend her to any woman struggling with gut and hormone issues. My life was quite literally changed for the better because of the knowledge, guidance, and support Michelle provided me and my commitment to making a change for myself.

-Lauren L, 30

I have struggled with debilitating periods my entire life along with difficulty losing weight/keeping weight off. When my coworker suggested I work with Michelle and use a functional medicine approach I reached out right away. It has been an expensive year planning a wedding and buying a house, but the investment in my own health to figure out the root cause of my symptoms AND how to solve it was 100% worth it! I am beyond grateful to have worked with Michelle over the last year. She has helped me understand nutrition better and what my body does/doesn’t like and break down barriers that I have been fighting my whole life. Since working with her, I feel like I have gotten my life back! I’m no longer missing work due to my horrible periods and I have lost 30 pounds and feeling more confident than ever going into my wedding! I am SO THANKFUL for Michelle and would recommend anybody struggling with painful periods/unexplained symptoms to work with her too! She is beyond worth the investment!

Kirsten, 29

Working with Michelle was the BEST. I went into this program with no expectations. I probably wasn’t the most severe of her clients - I had bad hormonal cystic acne, insomnia, brain fog and terrible/heavy/painful 21-day periods - and I just knew I didn’t feel great most of the time and was ready to make a change. Since I have ADHD it’s hard for me to implement changes on my own and really helps to have someone tell me how to make these changes, otherwise I will spend hours getting sucked into Google researching wrong information. Throughout the process I’ve learned so much about how to live a healthier lifestyle and most of my previous symptoms have gone away. I learned that I have a high intolerance to gluten, and cutting that out has been huge for me. My hormonal cystic acne is basically gone, and my periods have gone from happening every 21 days to 28 days, and I no longer have to take more than the recommended dose of Tylenol to get relief from cramps. They are SO much more manageable. I also have learned how to meal prep and implemented things to support my thyroid health (like a berkey water filter) and have so much energy throughout the day than I used to. Working with Michelle is so worth the investment if you know you could be feeling better and aren’t sure where to start. I now have the tools to keep implementing these changes and am so grateful for this program!!

-Emily, 28

I reached out to Michelle at the end of 2021 for a variety of reasons, and I’m so happy I did! I had perioral dermatitis on and off for 3 1/2 years and could not figure out the cause or appropriate treatment for me. I was also worried about having infertility issues because unfortunately my older sister and her husband have infertility issues, and I knew I had a low ovarian reserve to start out. I also had a few hormonal imbalances from excessive physical and emotional stress between working as a healthcare provider during COVID, running marathons, having a few pre-existing health issues, and planning a wedding/honeymoon all at the same time. Working with Michelle was like working with a friend. She genuinely cared about all of my worries and concerns and let me vent during every session with her. She was individualized in her approach and offered me tests and supplements that I had never tried before, and explained what information each test would give and what the purpose was of each supplement. She also taught me lifestyle modifications that I still put into practice today. In the 3 months of working with Michelle, my perioral dermatitis has cleared up and hasn’t been back in 8 months. This is the longest I’ve gone with clear skin in years and honestly my skin looks the best it ever has. I feel like I have more of a handle on life’s stressors and don’t let everything become all consuming anymore, so mentally I’m in a better place. My sleep has also improved dramatically. And the most important thing is that I was able to get pregnant my first month of trying!I truly don’t think I would be in this place in my life if it weren’t for Michelle. Don’t hesitate to work with her if you want to make improvements in your life with the help of a functional medicine practitioner! She is the best!

-Erin, 29

" I came to Michelle feeling so frustrated with my conventional medicine options to find the root cause of my issues. I struggled with irregular periods, hypothyroid, fatigue, headaches and severe GI issues. Michelle reccomended some functional lab testing and it was so confirming to see that there was a reason for my symptoms. Through our time working together we focused on a personalized protocol and within a few weeks my symptoms improved by 50%. I can confidently say that by the end of our time together my symptoms have improved immensely and my labs have too! Investing in Michelle was such an amazing blessing and worth every penny!"

-Jenny, 33

" I am so grateful that I found Michelle! I had been dealing with symptoms that I did not understand how to treat and she walked me through why testing is essential to find out the root issue. Michelle walked me through the test results and explained how her program could help me heal. She taught me the importance that stress, sleep and lifestyle can effect symptoms as well. I learned so many things that I will be able use the rest of my life to support overall wellness. I'm sleeping better, happier and my stomach issues are resolved. "

-Sarah, 32

" Working with Michelle was such a positive experience! She took the time to understand the issues I was trying to fix and asked questions in order to fully understand my situation and past history. She was supportive throughout the entire process and went above and beyond! I am sleeping better and have way more energy than when I started with her! I have learned so many new things during my journey with her that I have been able to implement into my life! I am forever grateful for her! "

-Paulette, 46

" I reached out to Michelle to help me with a few different issues that I was struggling with - mostly hormonal, internal inflammation, and my thyroid. My main concern was to figure out what was happening internally that was causing me to experience many unpleasant symptoms. The process was really smooth from start to finish throughout the program. I am located in CA and I never felt like I was not able to reach Michelle or not getting the same level of attention as a client that was able to visit the clinic in person. I addressed all of my concerns with Michelle and she listened and suggested specific testing to get done (which is something that I was previously denied through my doctors) and offered many different suggestions for supplementation, dietary tweaks, and lifestyle changes. I was apprehensive about investing in the program as it can be scary upfront, but Michelle and the clinic worked with me and established a payment plan that worked financially, and I realized that I am investing in my health and finally getting some answers so in the end it made sense for me to invest in the program - and now I have a connection for whenever I need to touch base and check in. My life is more manageable now and a few of the symptoms that I was experiencing have completely gone away and others are not as severe. I am equipped with the tools and knowledge for the days that I have flair ups or "bad" days - which is beyond important to me! I am so happy that I was able to work with Michelle, and that she treated me like a person who had valid concerns - not someone who is crazy! She is also super sweet and is very easy to talk to about anything, which is important when talking about ones health and what they are experiencing. I would definitely refer friends and family members to Michelle, and anyone that is wanting to rebalance their body and look at root cause symptoms and how to address them so they can live a happy and healthy life!"

-Amanda, 34

"6 months after I had my baby, I had a sudden onset of extreme fatigue, exercise intolerance, and brain fog. I was frustrated because I was brushed off by my doctor and told that my labs were normal so I was fine. I knew what I was feeling wasn’t normal so I reached out to Michelle to see if she could help me. From the beginning, she validated that how I was feeling wasn’t normal and guided me back to feeling like myself. I am much more confident in selecting food that supports my hormones and overall health that will serve me for the rest of my life."

-Shannon, 30

"I reached out to Michelle after struggling for years with fatigue, GI issues, acne, and fertility. After a quick assessment Michelle gave me easy to implement strategies to start addressing my problems. As I completed more testing she was able to adjust my protocol to meet my specific needs. Over the next couple of months my skin started to clear and my GI issues became almost non existent! With Michelle's recommendation I started to focus more time on ME and utilize strategies to decrease my anxiety and increase my overall energy. The best part of working with Michelle is how therapeutic her sessions are. It felt like I was talking to a friend. I am so happy I was able to address my underlying issues before continuing on my fertility journey."

-Natalie, 32, IL

I reached out to Michelle after struggling with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea for almost two years, with little success of trying to restore my cycle on my own despite much research. After our first consultation call I knew immediately that Michelle was who I needed to work with. She listened to all my concerns, experiences, and trials and errors and discussed her plan of action and gave me options that allowed me to choose what I felt was best in terms of how I wanted to approach my recovery. After implementing the lifestyle changes and supplementation protocol, I finally started to feel like I could trust my body again and that I really was on the route to healing. Michelle was always a listening ear, encouraging me and reassuring that despite the challenges and hesitations I originally had regarding some of the changes, that she really was in my corner and had my best interests in mind. After seeing and feeling the progress we were making in restoring my cycles and tracking various markers for consistency, I felt nothing but gratitude for taking the leap of faith and trusting in Michelle and the process for giving me the right tools and path to truly heal my body and create sustainable progress and changes. I have learned so much MORE about my body, my period, and holistic nutrition and supplementation through this process and I could not feel more prepared to continue on this path in the future! I have newfound trust and confidence in my health and my body and I feel comfort knowing that at any time if I need to reach out to Michelle for any help or with any concerns that she will be there to help me!

-Laura, 29, CA

I reached out to Michelle when I was really struggling with my personal health issues with hormone imbalances and PCOS. I worked with a PCOS specialist a year prior, but still felt like I needed more support. I was lucky enough to have someone to compare Michelle to because the support and relationship I had with Michelle was completely different than with my one before. When I had my meetings with Michelle, I felt like I was talking to one of my lifelong friends. It was a hard journey and a lot of work, but she was so helpful and so positive. One of my main concerns and fears in the beginning was that Michelle was having me add more food/calories into my diet and it was really scary for me at first, but after working with her for almost a year, it became easier and easier. I am so happy I had Michelle as my mentor during all of this!

-Abby, 27, MD

"I reached out to Michelle at a point in my life where I felt frustrated and overwhelmed with feeling stuck. I had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and recommended medication as the only option. When I met with my health care provider I did not feel heard and I knew I wanted to pursue other options. I was not sure how to get from point A to point B even as a nurse I felt a little overwhelmed with the process. I reached out to Michelle and she immediately made me feel heard and validated. During my first consult she listened and and gave me valuable feedback. I could tell she was motivated to help me find the answers I was looking for. She ran extra labs that my provider had not run and helped me do a deep dive into the underlying causes and concerns I had. I went from feeling lost of overwhelmed to feeling like I had been given a map and a guide. Michelle helped and encouraged me each step of the way. She made me feel like we could make progress in a feasible way. Months later, after lots of hard work and dedication, I feel immensely better. My labs have improved, my energy has improved, my skin, hair, and nails are stronger, my GI issues resolved, my joint pain hone, and headaches gone. I feel empowered and like I have the tools I need going forward to maintain all the progress I have made! I am beyond grateful and would highly recommended Michelle!"

-Claire, 32, FL

"When I found Michelle I was feeling defeated and frustrated with the answers my doctors were giving me. They would tell me my labs were normal but I know something more was going on based on how I was feeling, the amount of weight I put on and how quickly I gained it. After talking with Michelle I knew I found the right person and she made me feel like I wasn’t going crazy. By the end of my sessions I was back to feeling like myself again and the weight is starting to come off. She helped me find and treat what was going on!"

-Leah, 38, RI


"Before working with you, I was having major gut & hormone issues. My digestion was irregular (despite cutting out gluten & dairy to new tolerances that developed) and I was riding an emotional roller coaster with the highs & lows that my hormones were bringing since I had come off of birth control (after 12 years). In working with you, I was able to get my hormones & gut levels us concrete data to work with. From there you were able to give very clear & practical suggestions on how to alter my diet & behaviors, as well as, add in supplements where needed. After being consistent in these changes, I have seen dramatic changes. My digestion is now regular & my energy is better balance. I no longer have emotional mood swings & pains like I had previously in the PMS phase of my cycle. I feel more educated & aware of how my body works and what I can do naturally to keep it healthy. I am very grateful for this coaching experience, as it really has significantly improved my health & quality of life :) I would highly recommend your services to everyone! "

-Kelsey, 30, Positive Psychology Coach

"I reached out to Michelle after I was 6 months off of hormonal birth control and I had symptoms of severe brain fog, fatigue, PMS symptoms, and anxiety. Michelle went over all of lab results very thoroughly and helped me to understand why I was feeling that way. She also helped me figure out that I was not eating enough and helped me reduce sugar and eat more healthy calories. Michelle is very kind and knowledgeable and I appreciate the experience I had with her! "

-Leah, 30, MN

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